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The represented companies
The MPH Ltd. repairs and services the products he trades with.
However we have prepared ourselves for more detailed service of the equipments of some suppliers. According to our 15-20 years experiences and the special trainings the Mobile Power Hydraulik Ltd. is the Hungarian official partners of the next companies:
Meiller Kipper
We are able to fulfill to make servicing works on any kind of Meiller produced equipments, and to provide spare parts in our workshop, such as:
  • tippers,
  • container loaders (types AK, RK),
  • cranes (types MK),
  • tail lifts

We repair and service the hydraulic equipment of Meiller machines in our workshop, such as:
  • tipping valves (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic operated)
  • end of stroke valves,
  • hydraulic pumps,
  • Hydraulic cylinders

It is possible not to leave the defective devices for repairing for days – in case of it can be – as according to previous discussion we do the repairing immediately and the customer can wait for it.
Most of the parts are from our stock, the lead time of other parts is about 3-4 working days.
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Delivery, repairing and servicing of power take offs (PTO), gear and piston pumps (BR, BZ), adapters, their spare parts e.t.c.
Pneumatic cab controls.
Installation of PTOs, hydraulic pumps and complete systems.
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Supplying, repairing and servicing of piston pumps and motors, and their spare parts:
  • single and twin flow piston pumps (series SC, SL, S, SR with attachment DIN or SAE),
  • single and twin flow piston pumps equipped with electric by-pass valve (series SL Savtec)
  • SVH series variable displacement hydraulic piston pumps,
  • SCM series piston hydraulic motors with attachments ISO or SAE,
  • big capacity hydraulic reservoirs,
  • hydraulic valves, K-JET injector

Gardner Denver Drum, Gardner Denver Wittig
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Supplying and servicing of Drum and Wittig products such as
  • discharging screw compressors,
  • discharging reciprocating compressors,
  • discharging wing compressors,
  • discharging pumps
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Supplying and servicing mobile hydraulic equipments such as:
  • power Take Offs,
  • piston and gear hydraulic pumps,
  • splitter boxes, adapters,
  • hand pumps,
  • tipping valves,
  • monoblock and 3/2 directional valves,
  • hydraulic tipper kits (wet kit),
  • mini power pack
Parker term.JPG
Supplying and servicing Parker’s mobile hydraulic equipments such as:
  • single and twin flow piston pumps (series F01, F12),
  • piston hydraulic motors (series F11, F12),
  • variable displacement hydraulic piston motors (series V12)
  • variable displacement hydraulic piston pumps (series VP, PV),
  • hydraulic vane pumps (series PFVH),
  • torque motors (series TE,TJ, TG, TF, TH),
  • industrial hydraulic gear pumps and motors (series PGP, PGM),
  • directional valves for crane and other mobile applications (HV07, F130, P70)
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