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The first suppliers of the Mobile Power Hydraulik Ltd. were the Swedish VOLVO Hydraulics, Monsun-Tison the Italian PZB and Hydrocar companies.
The VOLVO Hydraulics had been acquired by the VOAC Hydraulics and once this company had been acquired by the PARKER our company became to be a PARKER representation in Hungary.

The Volvo Hydraulics’ main PTO supplier had been being the Spanish company Bezares. As our sales quantity had been gown we had got in contact regarding the PTOs with the factory and this way Bezares – who is also supplier of Parker – had became also our direct supplier.
For the reason to provide better and more comprehensive services to our customer we have completed our product line and our Italian partners had been changed a bit. As follows the most parts of the mobile hydraulic systems have been delivered by company OMFB since 10 years.
The hydraulic accessories as return filters, pressure gauges, shaft couplings e.t.c., have been delivered by OMT.
Valves for hydraulic circuits (e.g. check valves, pilot operated check valves, overcenter valves, flow regulators, relief valves, manifold plates e.t.c.) have been delivered by CBF.
Our hydraulic reservoirs are from company SMA.
We deliver good quality, stackable, directional control valves with good price from company Hydrocontrol.
We can offer hydraulic winches of company TMA since 5 years.

We usually order hydraulic telescopic cylinders on requests from companies HS Penta, and ITCO. However we have contact with other producers also so in special case we are able to deliver the original type of telescopic cylinders as well.
Our Swedish contacts have been wided with the well known firm SUNFAB whose products are best quality on the field of hydraulic pumps and motors. Our experiences and job had been admitted by the Sunfab and now we works as an official partner of Sunfab also.

Regarding the tipper hydraulics we have contacts with the English Edbro, German Neumeister Hydraulik, and we are an official service point of Meiller Kipper and Georg.

4 years ago we have built up our contact with DRUM International Ltd. From that time we offer this company’s bulk powder and liquid discharging compressors. As the company Drum had been acquired by the Gardner Denver group the production of the GD Wittig machine is going parallel to the production of Drum’s compressors in England.
There is a new relationship with the Austrian company ASA.They supply us good quality oil coolers.
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