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MPH Ltd.
’For the perfect solutions!’
Thank you for visiting our web site.
In the followings we would take the opportunity to introduce our company’s activity, products and services.

Instead of the ’ordinary’ trading companies we serve our clients. It means that we understand our clients’ problems and we are going to find the perfect solution as those were our own problems.
The warrants of our best service offering our customers perfect solutions as in technical as in economic aspects are our skills, expertise, many years experience and also the full support of our suppliers. Our customers trust us knowing that the key of our mutual success is the collaboration, solving the problems together.
May you be a member of the team of our satisfied customers!
The MPH Ltd. has been working since 1993 widening its activity continuously. At the beginning we traded with the pumps and control valves of the Swedish company VOAC and we also serviced those. Later we expanded our lines with the truck Power Take Offs.
Recently our company is the leader in Hungary on the mobile hydraulic market.

There are two parts of our activity.
- PTOs
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We have the biggest stock of several type of PTO in Hungary. We provide PTOs for the common used gearboxes from our warehouse (e.g. VOLVO, ZF, EATON, SCANIA, IVECO) considering the operation features as the requested speed and load.
Using twin output PTO there is possibility to apply two independent drives for propshaft and pump or for two separated pumps in the same time.
Our suppliers are BEZARES, OMFB, HYDROCAR.
- Gear boxes, adapter kits
You can enhance your PTO features using several kinds of gearboxes, adapter kits.
In case of request for providing power more than PTO can we offer split shaft units. This way you can take the available performance of the engine to fulfill your job (high capacity jetting and suction vehicles).
Our suppliers are BEZARES, PZB
- Hydraulic pumps and motors
Our company offers a wide range of hydraulic pumps starting from the gearpums up to the variable displacement axial Piston pumps.
Gearpumps and gearmotors: Many of these types are available from stock even if the requested pump is a single flow or a multiple flow. We are able to mount the suitable pumps according to the request. We have several groups of gear pumps and motors with different advantages.
Piston pumps and motors: there are three different families of straight axial piston pumps in fix and variable displacement versions. Bent axis piston pumps with advanced suction feature are suitable for operation of cranes, tippers and other machines with high pressure hydraulic system.
- Crane controls and tipper valves
We have several types of hydraulic tipping valves and pneumatic cab controls from several suppliers. These products are capable for proportional operation of the tipper plateau.
This way we are able to offer different kind of complete tipping systems.
We supply crane control valve assemblies according to our customers’ demands with a short lead time. The operation of the requested control valves would be various considering what our clients are going to use. There are possibilities to build not just as manual but even as radio control operated valves.
- Telescopic cylinders
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We are looking forward to supply wide range of front-end and underbody telescopic cylinders for tipper truck superstructures. We can deliver the necessary accessories of course as brackets, cardan rings, end of stroke valves, etc.
- Discharging compressors
We are trading with compressors are the products of the Gardner Denver group’s companies Wittig and DRUM with success. The producer has huge product line including well known compressors in the European market and world wide as well. The production is going in England.
Getting the requesting technical supports from the factory we assist our customers to choose the most suitable devices in point of technical and financial questions as well.
Mainly the compressors are bidirectional some of them can be driven also by direct prop shaft but there is possibility to apply hydraulic or belt drive. This way these compressors are suited for any types of truck chassis.

All the compressor types (blade, screw or root) are offered by us are oil free design so these are suitable also for foodstuff applications. In case of request we supply air cooler too.
We deliver these compressors are suitable also for special demand within a short (2-3 weeks) lead time.

Our compressor business is growing up continuously.
The above machines are very reliable however in case of failure we supply spare parts from our stock, or we can get those from the warehouse of the factory very quickly.
The other dynamically growing part of our activities is the service.
The above parts we are trading with give us the possibilities to offer to build and install complete systems. MPH Ltd. has been making these system and selling device installations since its foundation however in our recently workshop we are able to provide even more the best quality service. With our skilled engineers and technicians we do quick and firs class job.

We have been servicing Parker pumps, motors and control valves since the beginning so we have quite a big experience to repair these hydraulic devices.

Within the frame of the very good relation ship with company SUNFAB we are trading with their hydraulic pumps and motors and of course parallel we are a service point of those machines also.

Thanks to our experiences and good quality services were provided by us we became to be a representation of company MEILLER as follows we are an official partner of Meiller in warranty and after warranty services. For the sake of doing better service we keep a big stock of spare parts considering the demands of Hungary and parallel to it we are trading with those items.

We are servicing the hydraulic systems of an other big German truck body builder company, Georg Hydraulik too. We get spare parts directly from the factory in short delivery time.

A new part of our service activity is to complete whole systems for communal vehicles using the parts are in our full line (e.g. anti-icing vehicle, water cart and sweeping vehicles, bitumen spreading vehicle etc.)
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