MPH Ltd.
Váltó utca 4.
H-2142 Nagytarcsa,
Tel.: +36-28/546400*
Fax : +36-28/450110
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The biggest reference of our 15 years effective activities is that we have more than 4500 satisfied clients in our data base.
Please find a list of some customers of ours below but if you would like to get first hand information directly from the end users regarding our products or the experiences of operations do not hesitate to contact us to forward you to the right users who can tell you his experiences.
As we are in direct contact with the end users their experiences have been known also by us so we are able to improve our services continuously.
You are very welcome with your remarks regarding our products and services even if those are not good. These information helps us to make our services better to our customers’ profit.
Some of our clients:
  • Body builder companies:
    • Agrogép Kft.
    • Unitrade-Autó Kft.
    • Seres Kft.

  • Truck dealers:
    • VOLVO Hungária Kft,
    • SCANIA Hungária Kft.
    • Pappas Autó Magyarország Kft. (MB Autó Magyarország Kft.)
    • Truck Savaria Kft.
  • Resellers:
    • Variens Kft.
    • Europart Hungária Kft.
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