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Hydraulic wet kit
We have completed our hydraulic tipping kit considering the requests and needs of our customers. This way this complete kit includes the next features:
  • - Bent axis piston hydraulic pump. Capable of using for high (275 bar) and also low (160 bar) pressure tipping systems. It has good suction features and it tolerates the high range of speeds. Its capacity is 80 ccm.
  • - Steel hydraulic reservoir. Its capacity is 150 liters which is ideal for semi trailers. Dimensions: 798x810x400 mm. It is a side mounted design so the truck will be available to operate with flat trailers too.
  • Tipping valve. Its max. flow is 150 liter/min, it takes the lowering of the empty body quick. There is an adjustable relief valve giving the possibility to use the hydraulic system in low or high pressure mode. The control of the valve is proportional which means that lifting or lowering of the body can be very smooth.
  • Pneumatic cab control (joystick): It gives proportional control to the tipping valve providing very smooth movements of the plateau. The PTO switch is also mounted in the case and the joystick disengages the PTO automatically in lowering position. The design is well fits in the cab and modern.
We can transport the whole kit by forwarder but we are ready to install the system on the truck within 1 working day after a previous discussion.

If the customer is going to install the system himself we send the requested hoses and fittings once we have received the suitable dimensions referring to the drawing attached. (To complete the hose kit takes 1-2 hours).
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