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Tipper controls
- Pneumatic, electric, cable operated tipping valves
We can offer proportional pneumatic, electric, or cable operated tipping valves with integrated relief valves. The proportional control means that the tipping or lowering speed is variable and you can stop the movements at any time.
- Hydraulic pilot operated tipping valve
Meiller Kipper and Georg used to use these kinds of valves (gate valves) in their system. Recently these valves are not very popular however it can be found sometimes on older machines. The Mobile Power Hydraulic Ltd. as a Meiller and Georg official representation provides spare parts and services also this kind of valves.
- Pneumatic pilot cab controls (joystick), switches
Using the pneumatic controls typically designed for pneumatic operated tipping valves the driver can lift or lower the body slightly according to the movement of the pneumatic control.
We have joysticks equipped with integrated PTO switch disengaging the PTO automatically in the lowering position. This way you can avoid the unwanted PTO and pump operation when because of the increased tank pressure is caused by the moving truck would lift the empty plateau making dangerous traffic situations.
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