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Hydraulic hoses and fittings
It had been highlighted at the beginning of our activities that we can not fulfill a perfect job job in the installation of tippers and other hydraulic systems without the production of hoses and keeping fittings on our own stock.
However this way we can satisfy the high quality requests has been determined by ourselves as we warrant ourselves the uses of good quality and standardized products. In results of the above the further services and repairs became to be easier.
Nowadays we keep a huge stock of the hoses, fittings are usual in the market.
Thanking for the big stock we make turnover many times more than we use within the doors.
For the reason to provide a more complete service we can supply also fittings are used infrequently but sometimes are requested by our customers (e.g. JIC, ORFS).
We produce the requested hoses immediately so the customer loses less money because of being his machine off duty.
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