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Cargo pumps
Some times it is not allowed to off-load the transported material with discharging compressors because of:
  • the material is flammable or explosive,
  • the material is sensitive against the hot temperature,
  • the pressure provided by the compressor is not enough to load the goods to the suitable place or the maximum allowed pressure of the silo tank is less then requested.
In the above cases the cargo pumps help you that you can get from us as Gardner Denver representation:

  • the DVP pump is a vane type machine for use in discharging low viscosity liquids from tankers,

  • the Mercury pump is a helical gear type machine suitable for the discharge of a wide variety of liquid types material (with viscosity 5-40000 cSt),
  • the Pluto pump is a trilobe type machine specifically designed for the loading and discharge of hydrocarbon (oil) type products,

  • STP20 stainless steel trilobe type contact less pump for the discharge of liquid food stuff (e.g. glucose syrup).
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