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Discharging compressors
We offer pneumatic devices for off-loading bulk materials or liquid products from silo or tank vehicles such as:
  • discharging compressors,
  • vacuum pumps,
  • delivery pumps.
These devices are mainly the products of Gardner Denver Group (GD Drum, GD Wittig) but we offer also the some. Ltd.
The common feature of all discharging units are offered by us is that those are typically designed for transport application. This way the installation is easy, the operation is economic. Because of the low operation speed these units can be driven directly by a prop shaft but the belt or hydraulic drives are also available.
- Several kinds of discharging compressors are suitable for discharging bulk materials as powders, pellets granules or feeds. There are the next types of compressors in our range:
- For discharging liquid materials we offer the suitable rotary vane compressor design.
All the compressors being in our product line are oil free so these can be used for discharging also foodstuffs.
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