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Splitter boxes, adapters
There are requests for special splitter boxes and adapters usually in applications of communal, forest trucks, agricultural machines, bulk products or liquid transport vehicles.
In case of Italian standard (UNI) PTO or pump sometimes there is request to use adapters converting UNI and ISO attachments.
If the available PTO is suitable to drive just pumps but a prop shaft drive would be requested we can supply different kinds of cardan adapters.
In case of problems with small gearbox ratio we can supply accelerator boxes providing bigger final ratio.
- Transmissions with big gear ratio
If you are going to drive devices with high speed via prop shaft (e.g. old fashion screw compressors) there is big chance that the final ratio of the gearbox and PTO would be not enough. In this case we offer big gear ratio transmissions. It can be a gear box or belt drive system. The Mobile Power Hydraulic Ltd. prefers the gearbox type.
- Splitter boxes
In request of using two independent hydraulic circuits or drive you can choose the followings solutions:
  • twin PTO with two separated outputs. This way you can mix the pump drive and prop shaft drive,
  • dual flow pump for two independent hydraulic circuits,
  • splitter box has been driven by prop shaft getting two separated outputs for drive pumps or prop shafts. We have different kind of splitter boxes.
- Adapters
In our product line there are many of adapters:
  • rotation reverse and accelerator with ISO attachment,
  • rotation reverse and accelerator with cardan plate,
  • pump adapters UNI/DIN or DIN/UNI,
  • cardan adapters with normal and heavy duty design,
  • pneumatic operated clutches,
  • engine adapters
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